Friday, December 21, 2012

Photo Project: Days 20 & 21

I must admit I look forward to returning to regular programming. I love taking and posting photos, but my intention when doing this project was to also intersperse other posts amidst the daily photos, and the time just isn't there for me. Obviously, I can't even keep up with daily photos posts. Nonetheless, this season has been really special, and documenting some of the fun moments will be good for reminiscing!

[cozy christmas kitty]

This was given to us today by Althea's daycare providers. Melts my heart!

[althea's first craft project]


  1. So sweet...what a great sitter...and she must not of left any paint evidence on the feet!! Better have an addition put on the house as the craft projects will just keep coming :0) Love you all!

  2. Such a cute craft!

    Don't worry about keeping up with posts/pictures/etc... my blog is often a collection of photos rather than long posts due to being SO busy all the time. I figure I'm not trying to impress anyone besides myself, haha. :)