Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Year

I have been so absent from the blog world! I never even completed my blogger photo project. If anyone knows me, you know I don't just flake off on my commitments (no matter how small) easily! I don't know how professional bloggers do it, posting on a pretty much daily basis.

I got wrapped up in the holidays, with visitors, traveling, and lots of fun times. So many wonderful memories. Now I need to take a moment to get my sea legs back. I thought I should write a post to say that I did it, and hopefully that will bring some momentum. Hey, I'm always one to be really honest!

I love love love the New Year. It has always been my favorite holiday. I love the symbolism of a new year, and all of the inspiration and positive intention it can bring. It had infinite more meaning this year than ever before. Our first new year through the eyes of our child. Breathtaking. Heart-warming.

Whenever possible, I like to do something really special to honor the holiday, which also happens to land very close to my birthday. This year was no exception to that goal! We visited Ft. Klamath and Crater Lake. Going to the snow and playing, witnessing the beauty that was so intense it seemed unreal and spending time in the bright cold outdoors and the cozy warm lodge was such an amazing time for our family of three plus pup! I love that we are showing Althea a life of safe adventure from early in her life. 

2012 was the best year for us for many obvious reasons. My cup is overflowing, my heart is full of gratitude. I could not have more joyous anticipation for 2013.

We took hundreds of photos on our trip, and many of them landed on Facebook. Here are a few simple iPhone shots. No matter the number or quality of photos, not one captures the feelings I had in my heart to witness and experience so much beauty this weekend.

Heading to the base of the mountainside, where we would find the lodge that awaited us. I was in awe by the abundance of sunny snow...a rare sight for those of us living in Western Oregon!

The anything-but-icy, Crystal Woods Lodge.

It was a marshmallow world in Ft. Klamath, Oregon. Sunny, 3 feet of fluffy snow on the ground.
The. Perfect. Day.

Two days in the snow with my two loves. 
Althea and Scott both had this expression on their faces the entire time!

Of course, our other love Quincy came along too. Snow is his favorite thing in the entire world, so he was in heaven just like the rest of us! The lodge we stayed in was dog-friendly, and Quincy got to roam the whole place off the leash just like it was his own home.

 No words.

Welcome, 2013.

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  1. wow, what a gorgeous place to visit! Those icicles and the last pic, incredible