Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Illness Remedy

Something about having a baby has caused me to live in fear of illness entering our home during this winter season. I have never been a germ-phobe, and I don't think I qualify as one even yet, but I do slightly obsess over taking precautions to prevent illness. I can handle getting sick, but I seriously would love to avoid having Althea ever experience illness in her entire baby life! I hope I'm not jinxing our good fortune! Althea has been healthy her entire 10 months of life so far...I am so grateful, and it seems some of our prevention efforts have probably worked. I work with sick kids constantly and Althea is exposed to illness at daycare every week, and somehow she has managed to avoid it all. Even Scott and I have been sick, but not Althea. She is tough!

Last week I woke up in the middle of the night with a sour stomach and of course felt panicked. I spent the entire day at work on Friday somehow holding back my urge to throw up. I managed to last until Friday night before bed. Fearful that I had some kind of gastro "bug," I remembered a recipe for "flu tea" that I had seen on Facebook. Thank you to Homemade Mommy for this great recipe, and thank you to my husband for making a run to the store and whipping it up!

I drank it around 11am Saturday morning. It was seriously tasty, and I felt better by 1pm. We even went out running errands on Saturday. With how short-lived my ailment was, it is possible it was food poisoning of some sort. Nonetheless, I'm already a believer in this recipe as a way to prevent and respond to illness. All immunity-boosting ingredients!

No Flu 'Tea' by Homemade Mommy

Here was my mug of 'tea.' We added cayenne pepper as well, and of course I chewed up all of that raw garlic, because raw garlic is amazing for immunity!

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  1. Awesome! By the way, did you see I linked to you in a recent blog post? I noticed one of my friends pinned your page on pinterest after that! Hope that's okay :)