Friday, January 25, 2013

Self Care for Moms

I made it back to pre-pregnancy weight recently. I've heard about the idea that "it takes 9/10 months to put the weight on, it can take 9/10 months to take it off." That rang true for me, although I haven't been  putting a tremendous amount of effort into taking off the pounds anyway. I have been fortunate for the simple process I have had with weight loss since giving birth. I like to eat healthy and play with Althea. That has been pretty much "it" for me. We stay active in nature, but that slows down during the Winter and prior to Winter I was still recovering and experiencing an intense transition to motherhood. Ah, but I do sometimes miss the days of making exercise a top priority. The days when Scott and I would spend 3-4 days a week at the gym together are a blur- a foggy memory.

With this current absence of regular strenuous exercise in my life,  I cannot wait for Spring and Summer in our little family of three. The joy is going to be unsurmountable this year. Althea will no longer be a tiny fragile baby and the possibilities are endless.

In the meantime, my desire for finding my personal fitness (because, let's face it...weight loss means very little and pregnancy brought me some distinct areas on my body that are squishy proof that I'm a MOM) has brought me back to my quiet place with yoga. I did yoga for the first time in many months recently and I was bursting from the seams afterwards with thoughts along the lines of "Yoga is a destined exercise for moms!!" Our gym membership has expired, and I had the grand idea of purchasing yoga DVDS to use at home; I then had the even grander idea of finding free yoga videos online.

Do Yoga With Me is one of my new favorite sites on the internet. It is a comprehensive website with hundreds of free yoga and pilates videos from beginner to advanced. The site even has great meditations and breathing exercises and provides instructional clips about every yoga pose you could possibly want to learn. Nothing is better than free yoga! Find the site here.

I forgot how grounded I used to feel when I did yoga regularly. I've always been a busy person, and we've never been busier ever before in our lives than now. Yoga is that quiet place, that centered place. Why, oh, why do I let myself forget about the power of yoga?

Not only have I been pleasantly sore this week, but I have more positive energy flowing through my mind and heart. This is positive energy I didn't even know I was missing!

I jump into my roles and rhythms whole heartedly when I commit to do something. You can imagine how invested I instantly became once I entered motherhood. I can honestly say that I haven't thought much about self care for momma since Althea was born, which isn't good. Hello! I'm a therapist...I know a little bit about the importance of taking care of yourself. And, yet! I am not always great at it.

Thank you free yoga videos for reminding me of my desire to be strong, to be flexible, and to stay in tune with my heart and body; for reminding me that I am radiant and I can let go of anything that is stagnant within me; for helping me to get back to my fitness and for ultimately keeping me the best mom I can be!

Althea is a born yogi:

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  1. I should try've told me that I know...Althea is too cute in her YOGA poses...such a sweetie. Glad you found your way back to yoga Abby :0)!!